UNIFI is a modular Records Management System (RMS) that can be delivered and deployed in line with operational requirements and business change programmes. Capita understands that the delivery of an RMS solution requires more than just software. All of our UNIFI deployments are supported by a UK based implementation team which includes subject matter experts from operational policing to help bridge the gap between technology and business process.

UNIFI is based on a single shared POLE store (People, Object, Location, Event) with all data contextually linked. UNIFI uses a "search first, then create if need be" approach to creating new records ensuring;

UNIFI preserves multiple views of key records such as a person. This provides you with a wealth of intelligence as you can view the "last known details" of a person but also the details at a particular point in time providing more operational flexibility.

UNIFI can be deployed in a way that works for the client based on their IT strategies. This could be the traditional model of a local solution, a local solution backed up by a managed service, a hosted cloud deployment or multiple Forces hosted in one infrastructure.

At the heart of UNIFI is support for mobile and agile working. UNIFI has been designed to help break the tie between an officer and their desk. Activities such as custody prisoner reviews and stop & search reports can be performed through a range of applications and devices. UNIFI’s mobile services simplify functions such as crime reporting to make them quick and easy to complete in the field.

Key Features and Benefits