Capita and Fujitsu launch new initiative for 2019 to recognise key customer partnerships across Australia

The new Capita-Fujitsu awards were presented in July at the Australia CAD User Group Conference 2019, hosted at Fire and Rescue NSW. The 2019 awards celebrated the length of customer partnerships and our customers’ achievements using Vision Command and Control. Each customer recognised received a trophy and a donation to an emergency service charity of their choice, presented by Joe Griffiths, Business Development Director for Capita Australia.

Recognising 20 years of successful collaboration with Capita and Fujitsu, Phil Lindsey, Chief Superintendent, and Tone Bedingfield, ESCAD Systems Manager, accepted the first award on behalf of Fire and Rescue NSW.

Since using Capita’s Vision software, delivered in collaboration with Fujitsu, Fire and Rescue NSW has managed:

  • An estimated 20 million+ incidents
  • 10 million OOOE calls
  • 950,000 AFAs
  • 400,000 ICEMS incidents handled in 2019 alone.

With Vision, Fire and Rescue NSW has managed numerous major events – one example being the 2018 Sydney CBD high-rise fire – involving the dispatch of 13 fire crews and 70 fire fighters, resulting in 20 successful evacuations and no reported injuries.

Next, Mark Stirling, ComCen Manager for ACT Emergency Safety Agency accepted their award for 15 years of partnership working, in which time, ACT estimate managing 800,000 incidents, taking 400,000 E000 calls and attending 640,000 medical incidents, all using Vision Command and Control throughout their control centre operation. ACT ESA were the first organisation to upgrade to Vision 5 in the world.

Further awards presented featured:

  • Queensland Police Service – 10 years of partnership working with Capita and Fujitsu, managing 1.2million annual incidents and major events such as the 2018 Commonwealth games.
  • The New South Wales Police Force - 10 years of working with Capita and Fujitsu, having managed 20million+ incidents and major events including the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.
  • Tasmania ESCAD – the first organisation to go live with Vision 5 across 3 different agencies, successfully managing major fire and bushfire incidents from just 1 month after go-live.

We are proud to recognise these fantastic service organisations and their achievements with these new awards, which are set to expand in future years to feature additional categories and customer successes. Congratulations to all the worthy nominees!

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