EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution (IRS) is the market leading and proven digital interview recording technology in use with over 15 UK Police forces and Criminal Justice agencies. Over 1000 EvidenceWorks® IRS units have managed 1 million recordings across the UK and is the widest used networked interview recording solution in the UK.

The EvidenceWorks® IRS solution is fit-for-purpose in all environments where interviews are recorded, whether audio only or audio and video, in Custody suites, Public Protection/ Vulnerable Witness suites or as a portable solution for use in other locations.

As part of the EvidenceWorks® suite, EvidenceWorks® IRS delivers significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and ultimately, nationally.

EvidenceWorks® IRS is not just a stop gap solution to meet the increasing need to migrate from analogue to digital. As part of the EvidenceWorks® suite the solution can be extended to provide a complete Digital Evidence Repository or Digital Evidence Management solution for the ongoing storage, management and analysis of any and all digital evidence components.

Benefits of removing physical media

Benefits to operations