Capita has used knowledge and experience gained as a leading supplier to both Police and the Criminal Justice sector, and the market leader in Digital Interview systems in the UK, to develop EvidenceWorks® — proven to provide a secure, open and scalable network repository for the management of Digital Evidence including the capability to ingest, catalogue, store, analyse and share media from multiple sources:

  • Digital Interviews — either EvidenceWorks® IRS or third party devices
  • Body Worn Video
  • Live monitoring of networked units
  • Crime Scene imagery
  • CCTV
  • Mobile phone pictures and videos and other public-provided media
  • ANPR and other in-vehicle video
  • Documents

For UK clients EvidenceWorks® is available for purchase via the G-Cloud framework

EvidenceWorks® is the UK’s leading solution for the management of digital evidence. The solution is in use in 16 Police forces and Criminal Justice agencies, with solutions ranging from standalone interview recording units to a fully networked, multi-media Digital Evidence Management solution encompassing interviews, CCTV, Body Worn Video, Crime Scene Forensic imagery and public provision media.

Over 1000 EvidenceWorks® purpose designed evidential interview recording units have managed 1 million recordings across the UK and is the widest used PACE compliant networked interview recording solution in the UK.

New enhanced Niche integration

EvidenceWorks® now offers ground-breaking integration with Niche RMS, ensuring digital evidence can be added, searched for and updated directly from a force’s RMS, via direct links within each incident or case. Equally, the RMS can be updated directly from within EvidenceWorks®.

2019 sees the launch of EvidenceWorks® Release 7.0, which will continue to support the automatic upload of evidence from Reveal Media Body Worn Video cameras as well as continuing support for the upload of Interviews, CCTV, Forensics images, Public Provision but will be DETS Ready¹ and include a Secure Publication Portal to support multi-agency sharing of digital evidence by the Police.

¹ DETS - Digital Evidence Transfer Service, part of the Digital First transformation programme

The capabilities of the EvidenceWorks® Multi-Media Edit Studio are also extended in Release 7.0 to provide richer functionality to further support users preparing digital evidence for presentation in Court.

EvidenceWorks® is a proven, enterprise solution that has been built specifically to support the digital future of policing:

  • Reducing the risk of data loss through secure, robust storage and data sharing capabilities
  • Cost saving through the removal of the need for media storage and transport
  • Transforming operations through enabling process change and delivery of efficiencies
  • Improving business process and data quality through integration


EvidenceWorks® Digital Evidence Management

Multi-media evidential management to support the digital future of policing to effectively capture, ingest, secure, analyse, use and share all potentially evidential material.

EvidenceWorks® Digital Interview Recording

Market-leading recording solution, fixed or portable, delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and ultimately, nationally.

EvidenceWorks® Body Worn Video management

Brings a new, secure and integrated approach to the management of Body Worn Video to Police Forces as part of a holistic and coherent approach to the management of all digital media and evidence.


Innovation in analytical tools to enhance public safety response and operational processes.

Data Sharing

Efficient and effective operations is driven by the integration of multiple relevant data sources.