The operational hub of a smart and safe city

In the new world of smart and safe cities, "converged solutions" become the natural processing and workflow engine for new types of "contact", beyond the traditional telephone call from a member of the public, that require specific management and resource deployment.

Using the configurable and granular workflows that join our solutions together, ControlWorks® can be deployed as the operational hub of a smart, safe and secure infrastructure integrating a vast array of external sensors and data sources with an organisation’s internal systems to provide a truly integrated and flexible platform.

Inputs from external sources provide triggers into ControlWorks®; generating incidents and providing key intelligence and operational information to assist an informed decision during the management phase.

The interconnectivity of intelligence systems, either owned by the organisation or through partner agencies, using ControlWorks® as the operational hub, provides an automated and/or manual ability to surface additional context to an event, enabling an informed response, even in instances when minimal information is provided by the initial triggering system.

Internet of Public Safety Things

Coordinate, collaborate, and communicate for faster and better informed decision making and resource deployment.

Capita’s ControlWorks® is a next-generation control room and contact centre solution which puts transformation within grasp. It provides seamless interoperability with back office and other external systems to provide a major step-change in control room efficiency.

Operators are no longer desk-bound in a fixed control room location - any connected device that has access to the Force’s network can perform any ControlWorks® role including call taking and incident management.