EvidenceWorks® Body Worn Video is a module of the EvidenceWorks® Digital Evidence Management platform that brings a new, secure and integrated approach to the management of Body Worn Video to Police Forces as part of a holistic and coherent approach to the management of all digital media and evidence.

EvidenceWorks® BWV employs the same networked repository infrastructure integrated with camera docking and download capability to provide a seamless process for officers to transfer all videos captured during a shift into the system, analyse them, add metadata and securely store them with policies defined according to PACE guidelines on retention, review and disposal.

Once ingested into the repository all the files are available through the EvidenceWorks® user application across the network to allow for further review, cropping and integration with case files and record management systems – with all access, viewings and actions taken audited to ensure evidential integrity.

If integrated with other data sources such as CCTV, Digital Interviews or CSI images all the BWV footage can be viewed alongside these items to provide a complete view of all evidence as part of ongoing investigations to the same standards of integrity.

EvidenceWorks® BWV has been developed with a number of Body Worn Video suppliers and provides a fully integrated, scalable solution available from Lots 3 and 4 of the National Body Worn Video Framework.