Control Room Operators are under time pressure to question emergency callers to ascertain what is wrong, where they are, who they are and who is in danger in order to dispatch the right resources.

9xxEye live footage offers instant ‘on-scene eyes’ to the operators, helping them assess the scenario and better select the appropriate resources to dispatch to the incident. They can also provide more qualified information to partner agencies to help manage the incident more effectively.

With no app required, 9xxEye enables a caller with a smartphone to stream live footage, direct from their phone’s camera, into the Emergency Service control room, providing vital live footage, together, with the caller’s location, which is provided by way of GPS coordinates that allows operators to make more informed decisions on mobilising the right resources.

The information provided, supplementing that which was initially taken from the emergency voice call, can provide further INSIGHT to the responders helping them to deliver the appropriate RESPONSE while ensuring the SAFETY of both themselves and the public. All the media is recorded securely as potential evidence for further investigation. The service is securely hosted and scalable for use in any organization.

Operational Benefits

  • Knowing what is going on in real time at an incident location is critical – Protecting lives can be made much easier
  • Arriving uninformed is risky and can impact decision making – Accurate information can be supplied to responding units which can saves lives
  • Capturing video communications as incidents unfold is a reality of the mobile age - Collecting potential evidence early in an event’s lifecycle is invaluable
  • Hoaxes or misuse of valuable resources is expensive - Categorising situations quickly reduces costs
  • Easy and quick assessment of situations - Efficient dispatch decisions means effective use of resources
  • Contact Centre ready application that is secure and scalable - Easy to adopt service with minimal training
  • Provides location services - Once the caller begins streaming video the dispatcher receives the GPS coordinates of the caller’s device

System Features

  • No app required – works on any smart device and operating system
  • Confirms caller location via GPS coordinates, to speed response
  • Secure, one-time-use link sent by SMS or email
  • Real-time live video stream viewable by dispatch personnel or supervisors
  • Maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted
  • Still images available in lower signal coverage
  • Secure cloud-hosted service
  • Can reduce hoax call mobilizations